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The best online making money opportunity

in the trust management field of Forex market.
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About Fenix Group
Welcome to Fenix Group, the company that not only knows how to set goals, but also to achieve them. We offer a unique investment proposal, which can be interesting for professional investors, and for those who only plan to make the first step for the online investments. Using a variety of systems approaches in the market, as well as profound knowledge of fundamental analysis make our trade simple, clear and extremely profitable for all our customers. That's why when you choose Fenix Group you are choosing a leader. We are also keeping track of the Trading trends and facilitate our customers with the upgraded trading bots. We allow the trading of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. You can check out the post right here and understand about the Bitcoin Trading Software which we recommend customers.
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Time is money.

- Benjamin Franklin
Why Fenix Group?

Our team is involved in the trading activity of a sufficiently long period to develop effective strategies with a low probability of financial losses.

Professional team

The company consists

exclusively of experienced

traders in practical skills

in the field of technical analysis.

Long experience

We are engaged in the development

of our successful trading potential

for already more than five years.

Profitable strategy

Our trading activity in foreign

exchange markets has the ability

generate profits over a long period. Comprar acciones ahora.


We are in control all possible risks,

and reduces the possibility of loss

by using various trading tools.

Low risks

Our Forex strategy includes

secure trade with drawdown

that does not exceed

15% of trading deposit.


In order to cover any unexpected

losses the company has formed

an active contingency fund.

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WWW. Our website features

Oficially registered UK regulated LTD

Company number: 0040505. More information here.

Enchased script features

We have upgraded usual for-everybody script,so our clients can invest with more comfort.

Green bar EV SSL encryption

Enables website security beyond imagination.

Strong DDOS protection

In our century of information war, website protectionis a necessity. FG Int. armed strong.
Investment plans
Up to Daily
for 20 days

Principal: included in earnings

Minimum: $10 Maximum: $10.000

Up to Daily

for 20 days

Principal: returned on maturity

Minimum: $10 Maximum: $10.000
Investment statistics
Project works4
Total funds$11577.20
Last deposit$10.00 at0531
Active investors333
Total cash out$1148.42
Last withdrawal$0.85 minhnhan2607
Last deposits
at053110.00 PM#113050248
korzh100.00 PM#113046993
gold-china1.25000 BTC#6be619fcfb245...
thesu922810.00 PM#113036581
nguyenthao20.00 PM#113034840
Olavk100.00 PM#113032958
trungthanh60.00 PM#113029933
allmonitors15.00 PM#113028674
abcbmt20.00 PM#113027365
Last withdrawals
minhnhan26070.85 PM#113046621
instant17.00 PZ#55B78-6...
thekingrap1.50 PM#113046613
moinas0.85 PM#113046609
naale24.25 PM#113046607
goldpoll8.50 PM#113046601
xaocxcv0.85 PM#113046598
songngu861.70 PM#113046593
Team3650.85 PM#113046590
analysis1.00 PM#113039216
Company news
Date: Dec 7, 2015 10:11
FeniX Group officialy launched
We are proud to announce that our company has been officialy launched today. FeniX Group is now available to the public. Investors from all over the world are invited to participate in our investment project.read more
Date: Nov 13, 2015 04:03
Payment systems test
We begin to connect and test the payment systems. PM, Payeer, BitCoin, STP, Payza and OkPay already accepted.
Neteller and Skrill still in manual mode.read more
We accept:
Legal address

Company name:



FeniX Group LTD


M20 1HJ

Ormskirk Avenue


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